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Blitmap Comics

In a vibrant solarpunk metropolis...

…rival androids race to collect Fragments of the Machine. These synthetic survivors were once a single people, though ideological differences have since divided their attention.

The righteous Blitnauts pledge their service to the mysterious and inscrutable Elder. They seek out lost Blitmaps to safeguard against those who might use these virtual nodes of power for selfish gain.

The Logos find this effort a distraction from a greater purpose. These stylish and occult collectors look to the forgotten corners of their world in search of Brandmarks. The Logos are convinced such arcane symbols hold the secrets to usurp their rivals.

Here, the physical and digital blend seamlessly, great dangers yield greater treasures, and every world is a map to yet another.

The Comic Experience

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Where to buy

The comic book is additionally available in stores and independent comic shops across the USA. Distribution to other regions is coming soon. If you would like to stock the book, please contact us.

Open source IP

The original Blitmap and Blitnaut artworks were released as open source (using the CC0 license) by the artists who created them.

This comic book builds on top of the original artworks, and additionally releases its own characters, locations, artwork, and story as open source.

You are free to use anything in the comic for any reason and without restriction, personally or commercially.

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